Application of Tungsten Carbide Product(TCP) & TCP Grade

TC products4.jpg (26082 bytes)You can find the Chinese grade and related ISO  from these TABLES here. And also you may find a suitable grade for your using. Please let us know the grade when you send us your order, or you can let us know your special requirements if there is no an available grade for you.

Standard Types of TCP(catalog of our standard TCP)




Brazed Cutting Tools tips     
Indexable Inserts

for turning

Indexable Inserts

for cutting-off, grooving & multi-applications

Indexable Inserts for milling  
Indexable Inserts for treading operation  
Indexable Inserts for heavy cutting inserts  
TC Rotary Tools & Endmills


TC Tricone Drill Bits for Oil Mining


TC Drawing Dies, Rolls, Punch-pressing Dies, Sealing Washers    
TC Anvils & Cylinders    
TC Wearing Welding Rod    
TC Rod, Tube, Strip, Special Drill, Spiral Milling Cutter, Special Part    
TC Micron Drill    

TC Pellet

TC Powder For Hardsurfacing  
Tungsten Carbide Screw Blade Types & dimensions of screw blade style D screw blade

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